Great Purification at The Heart of AN!

It’s definitely never boring here. A good example of this was last Sunday. It was one of those special Out of Time days. Emanaku and I were alone on the land and deeply enjoyed the quiet. This was the kind of blessed day that we wish we could experience more often. It felt like time stopped and we actually got a lot done in a relaxed manner.

Late in the afternoon, Emanaku went over to the other side of the land to feed the puppy that Justo gave us, who now lives with Eloy. He walked around the guardian casita and saw that some of the water valves seemed to be in the wrong position. He checked the bañito house and discovered that there was no water pressure. Next he went to AN•Wasi and saw that the water tank was empty. Hearing the sound of running water, he opened AN•Wasi’s front door and saw that the kitchen floor was covered with an inch of water!

Apparently, a water pipe in AN•Wasi’s bathroom had broken and water had been pouring out for almost two days. He called me to come over immediately with mops and buckets. For the next hour or more, we took out most of the furniture and cleaned up the water. It was quite a mess!

The lower part of the walls had absorbed some of the water and were soaked. The living room rug acted as a sponge and protected much of that room, but was full of water. Our peaceful day suddenly transformed into full on crisis mode.

Our plumber Olger came the next morning and repaired the plumbing. Now, AN•Wasi is slowly drying out. Next, we have to repair a hole in the bathroom wall that was created from the gushing water. Then we are going to create a river rock border at the base of the bathroom walls to protect the walls from any future disasters. Then we need to repaint the lower walls in the bathroom, kitchen and living room and make tile baseboards for the kitchen and living room. After that, we have to remove all the wax on the tile floors, as much of it has already been washed off, wash the floors and wax and polish them again.

It’s a huge project to get AN•Wasi ready for visitors again, but it feels like a needed purification. And most fortunately, the damage is all fixable.

Elsewhere at the Heart of AN, our beautiful river rock paths are now finished! Loose tiles on top of our adobe wall have been repaired. German and his assistant are making the small roof to go over half of our clothesline. Eloy is busy every day working on the land. We still haven’t found a solution to fixing our dining room table, although we have made three visits to our metal worker to see if he can make new brackets for the glass base, but so far, he hasn’t been there when we arrived.

Manzana gets sweeter every day. The cats are steadily getting adjusted to her. We love them all so much and are blessed by their loving presence. They all make our lives so much sweeter. We remain deeply grateful that we are here. ♥

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