Happily Creating the New at The Heart of AN!

We’ve had lots of activity here during the past week. German and two helpers have been building the river rock paths around our house. There has been a steady stream of wheelbarrows full of rocks and cement passing below my office window. The paths have built in channels to lead the rainwater away from our house. They should be finished in a week. They are not only practical, but they look very pretty!

Manzana has settled in well. She is very happy at her new home and proudly sits outside the front door surveying her realm. She loves running across the land and playing with the puppy that Justo left here, who now lives with Eloy in the guardian casita. She also really, really loves to race through the irrigation canal around our house and emerge all wet. This keeps us busy cleaning up the muddy footprints inside the house.

The flocks of green parrots from the jungle are passing through this area again. They are especially evident in the early morning when the air is filled with parrot song. We so love them!

Over at the bañitos, Eloy had to temporarily remove the mirror above the sink, at least until we have visitors. It seems that there’s a bird who visits every day, and when he sees his reflection in the mirror, starts attacking the bird in the mirror!

Today Eloy is busy putting new wheels on our very battered wheelbarrows. We’ve replaced the wheels so many times and each time we do, we miraculously get more use from them. He’s also in the process of building small rock walls along the edge of the little hllls of plants alongside our driveway. This is to keep the water from escaping down the hills.

Next week, we are going to start cleaning up the area around the old almacen (storage hut) where Justo used to live. The area was full of garbage and construction materials. Now, it’s time to reorganize the building supplies and to clean up and recalibrate everything.

Although we eventually see a house being built in this area, our immediate plan, after the clean-up, is to create a Labyrinth of AN in this space. We still need to design it, but it will probably have a Sun and Moon entrance and an AN meeting place in the middle. We will create it with an outline of river rocks.

We haven’t been asking for donations recently and only received one donation in September. (Thank you Jim!) But right now, we are scraping the bottom of our bank account and would be deeply grateful for any donations. We have postponed our plans to build a partial wall in front of the guardian casita until we have some extra money. If any of you are called to make a donation at this time, it would be a huge help!

You can make a donation here: anvisible.com/donate/

We didn’t schedule a Readers of the Cards Master Class in October or November because we were waiting for a Russian group who wanted a private class to confirm, which hasn’t happened yet. So we still don’t know if they are coming or not. But we will create a Readers of the Cards Master Class in either February or March. They are deeply transformative, life changing experiences that are not to be missed! We really hope that some of you can participate and experience for yourself the Heart of AN! ♥

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