Update October 2015


Our Next Steps


In August 2013, we began construction at the Heart of AN. The house of Solara and Emanáku was completed at the end of September 2014 and they quickly moved in on October 3, 2014 and have been living on the land since then. We have also completed fencing our property with a combination of adobe walls and metal fencing. Pink flowers have been planted all along the metal fence.

We have completed construction of  a very sweet, one bedroom guest house called AN•Wasi which can be rented by those wishing to visit the Heart of AN and stay on the land for a few days. We have also built a small guardian house called AN•Tika.


The wall, fences, entrance gate, water system, electrical system, septic system and AN•Wasi have all been partially funded by the donations we have received so far for the Heart of AN, while Solara and Emanáku personally paid for the building of their house, the purchase of the land and much more.


View of the Heart of AN on January 1, 2015.

Solara and Emanáku’s house is in the foreground

and the nearly completed AN•Wasi in the distance.

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