Approaching our first Anniversary at The Heart of AN!

Saturday is our one year anniversary of living at the Heart of AN! It’s hard to believe that we’ve been here one complete year, yet in another sense it feels like we have been here forever. Everything that happened before has a sense of unreality. There’s nothing quite the same as living in your True Home!

Changes abound this week. On Sunday, there was a huge, compulsory meeting of the Water Association that went for three hours. Emanáku and Eloy went as representatives of the Heart of AN. That night was the spectacular Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse that lasted for over an hour.

Today, Justo is preparing to move to his house further up the road tomorrow. Right now, everything is being sorted out from the old almacen. Next week, we will tear it down so the grass can grow again. It’s rather poignant to see Justo leave, but it also feels right. The passing of a sceptre….

Today, German and his assistant Andres arrived and began work on the river rock paths around our house. Not only will they be beautiful when they are finished, but we will be able to walk around the house when it rains without getting muddy.

Eloy has been busy working on the new compost and cleaning up and recalibrating our ceremonial area around the AN•Chakana. He is moving stones so we will have a seating area and creating areas where we can plant flowers there.

Manzana is getting more settled. She already has three beds in the house – in the guest room, Emanaku’s office and our art studio and spends time in all of them. The cats are still adjusting to her, but it’s slowly getting better. Luna has claimed her personal boundaries and shares space with Manzanita, but Leo is still a bit frightened of her.

There are always some new small things that make our life here sweeter. A neighbor brings organic berries from Lima; a woman who works at a nearby hostal brings organic coffee from her home in the jungle; a Russian woman in Urubamba bakes delicious cinnamon rolls and sourdough bread. And there is the really great news that in a few months, they will be installing fiber optic cables in the Sacred Valley and we will finally have better internet!!!

Right now, we are not focusing so much on visitors and events, although we feel that will change next month. Instead, we are combing through everything – cleaning, reorganizing and recalibrating. This feels really good. We are doing everything poco a poco – little by little. And it is happening internally, as well as externally.

Sending you huge HEART OF AN LOVE!!! ♥

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