Ho’o Pono Pono at the Heart of AN!

The last few weeks have been full of making things right. We had a dead car battery on a Sunday and couldn’t find our jumper cables, but after several hours, finally got it going. We dealt with a broken pipe on our water pump and still have one more broken pipe to fix. And we’ve been doing our best to deal with a flea infestation on our poor cats and dogs. There aren’t any good natural flea products here in Peru, but fortunately, friends will bring some with them in May when they come to the Activation.

Pedro spent his first week here cleaning up the land ~ cutting grass and weeding. Now it’s looking beautiful again. This week he is helping Roberto on our new land to rebuild the rock walls and create a new public path. This should be finished this week. Next, we will put up a fence on three sides of the new land. Then comes the long awaited merger of all the land of the Heart of AN which will be amazing!

Last Sunday, we finally made the video of Part One of our new Triangulation Mudra. There are three parts to this Mudra. The first part unhooks us from duality and creates the Third Point. In a few weeks, we hope to make a video of the second part.

We are definitely feeling the energy of a New Beginning here. This energizes us as we prepare for our Special Events in May. We feel deeply honored and blessed to be here. And look forward to experiencing the Heart of AN with some of you.

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