A Turning Point at the Heart of AN

This past week we have felt that we reached a Turning Point here. Suddenly we can see significant progress in many areas. The public path on the far side of our new land is almost complete. Next week, we hope to start on the fence. We will also begin flattening the center part so it will be ready for May’s momentous Activation of the Tower of Light of AN.

After much effort, the fleas are almost gone. (According to our veterinarian, many people had a major flea problem throughout the Sacred Valley this year.) The sweet Pedro is settling in here nicely and has been making major progress in weeding the flowers and cleaning up the Heart of AN which looks more beautiful every day.

Last Wednesday, Gloria (from Hong Kong, UK and US) and Devora (from US) arrived to visit here for several days. They loved staying in AN•Wasi and really thrived in the energies of the Heart of AN. We loved having them here. They left yesterday evening for Lake Titicaca, but Gloria will return for May’s Special Events here.

For the past few weeks, the North and the Coasts of Peru have experienced severe flooding and devastating mudslides. Over 200 bridges have collapsed, isolating many small communities, as well as severing part of the Pan American Highway that connects the northern and southern parts of Peru. Over 100,000 people have lost their homes and over 600,000 people have been affected. Many have lost everything. This is still happening on a massive scale. Just this morning, the center of the northern, coastal city of Piura was inundated with a wall of water and mud.

Fortunately, our part of Peru has not been affected. Cuzco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley are fine. We are holding the Beam for everyone and helping in whatever ways we can.

All of this reminds us that LIFE IS PRECIOUS. Let’s make each step we take a True One.

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