Integration at the Heart of AN!

February is a concentrated month in which we are integrating the massive waves of energy that have been coming in since the beginning of January. Most of the time, everything flows, yet sometimes the Surf can be quite choppy and challenging. And then there are the times when the energies soar completely Off the Map!

Many projects are in various states of progress here. The next printing of the Cards of AN is at the printer and hopefully, will be ready next week. New card bags are also being made. I’m still writing the new book of my life stories and whenever I have a free moment to work on it, the stories are pouring out of me. I’ve had such a full life, that it may need more than one book to contain them all.

We’ve been dealing with lots of practical details, such as getting our car inspected and paying our property taxes and car insurance. Our new alpaca shelter, Alpaca•Wasi has been completed and as soon as we pay for the printing of the Cards of AN, the next extra money that comes in, will go towards buying our Alpacas of AN! (They should be here for sure in March!)

We’ve also been turning our attention to doing much needed maintenance here. This is something which is required every year and is an important part of sustaining the energies. Roberto has returned for a few weeks and is repairing rain gutters on the roof, sanding and revarnishing our garden benches and cleaning bricks. Next, he will repaint parts of our buildings which need new coats of paint, as well as refinishing our external doors, windows and our entry gate. It feels really good to get these needed tasks done, so all will be in readiness for our May Events.

Right now, we have people coming to our May Events from Argentina, Chile, Mexico, the US, Australia and Germany. It’s a great group so far, with an almost equal balance of men and women. There are still some places left if you would like to join us for a powerful immersion into the New Reality of AN. It will be absolutely life changing!



More information is here:

During the past few weeks, we have added many new products to the AN•Mercado. There are now three amazing Magenta Ponchos of AN, (which are very hard to find), rare lliclias from the Lake Titicaca area from our friend, Jorge Luis Delgado, wooden guardian statues, winged Aslan pins, new handwoven pillow covers, and much more! And huge thanks to all who have made orders here recently. This really helps make possible all that we are doing here. Here’s the link to the AN•Mercado:

In spite of all this activity here, it also feels like we are in a time of Sacred Pause. Especially on days like today, when there is a blanket of clouds overhead. We are focused on getting everything cleaned up, reorganized and recalibrated and this feels like the perfect thing to do at this moment of the HERE and NOW.

The Sun Bow in action:

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