On an Expanded New Level at the Heart of AN!

January has been a very full month. A day after Emanaku’s family departed from their precious, super fun visit, Cecilia from Arequipa arrived to stay for four nights at AN•Wasi. We also had a whirlwind, but high spirited, visit with Roxana and Alecia of Mexico which we greatly enjoyed.

2018 feels completely different from the past four years. It definitely feels like a NEW ERA has begun. Our past four years of tremendous effort and constant financial challenges feels like it is over. It’s not that we suddenly have more time and money; we don’t, but everything feels so expanded and clear.

The Heart of AN feels activated, open and ready! Already during January, there have been numerous auspicious signs here. We even found a four leaf clover by the AN•Chakana! And at the end of the month, there were five consecutive nights of Moonbows, with a huge, glorious Sunbow on the day of the Eclipse!

A massive creative surge arrived in the middle of January while in the midst of everything, that propelled me into starting a new book containing stories of my life. Whenever I have time to sit at my computer, the stories are just effortlessly pouring out. The book is already 140 pages long, with most of it still in note form, so there’s still a lot to do and it will probably be a very long book.

We have some projects we would like to do this year at the Heart of AN, like creating our organic vegetable and herb garden. We also want to build a small, covered sitting area beside our house and possibly build new guest accommodation somewhere on the land. But I really feel that all this will be achieved quite easily and naturally.

We are finally reprinting the Cards of AN this month. And on Monday, we are hoping that Roberto shows up to build our Alpaca Shelter which should take about a week to do. Then….. Alpacas of AN!!!

Some really brilliant and true people are registering for our May Special Events. We have only four more spaces available in the Cards of AN Master Class from May 17 – 21. And we are full of brilliant ideas for our Immersion into the New Reality of AN from May 23 -28. It will be so deep and amazing.

Please consider joining us for this rare opportunity to delve deeper into the AN energy.

Information on these two very unique Events is here: anvisible.com/events/

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