Into our Ever Expanding True Landscape at the Heart of AN!

Since the beginning of 2020, we’ve leapt into action mode ~ surfing a massive creative surge. We are doing lots of much needed maintenance and repairs. Our walls and buildings have been repainted and new grass for the alpacas is being planted. The trees and plants on our land that had become overgrown during the past five years are now being thinned so they will have more space to grow. We can feel how happy they are with the changes.

We also created our new AN TAWA CH’ASKA CHAKA ~ the Bridge of the Four Stars. And just a few days ago, we completed our AN CH’ASKA TIYANI ~ Starseats for Starseeds by our vegetable garden!

Everything looks even more beautiful than it did before. And we’re not done yet. A totally exquisite, completely new, greatly expanded, True Landscape is emerging right in the midst of our old, known landscape! This fills us with a constant sense of wonder. We feel like we are preparing for something HUGE ~ but have no idea what it is.

Great progress has been made, but we still have much to do. Repairing, reorganizing and recalibrating what is already here and creating the New. It feels very good to be doing this. We are almost ready to transform our old stage area into a beautiful little house for guests and volunteers.

We are also preparing for our first online Master Class of my Cards of AN in English ~ which begins at the end of this month. And happily, I’m able to write on my book again!

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1 thought on “Into our Ever Expanding True Landscape at the Heart of AN!”

  1. Ongralea says:

    Dear Solara and Emanaku, This area reminds me of when we used to go to fields and converse with the crystalline star energy present in the rocks of the earth. We sat in gardens and recalibrated the stones and gems in them with ultra clear and etheric energies so that they were always capable of healing those who came into proximity.

    Love you so much and thank you dearly for creating the star -seats! They are perfect. The plants in this whole area will also have heightened vibrational frequencies within them and can be used for specific purposes.
    Yours true and new,

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