Interesting Times Inside the Transformation Zone at the Heart of AN ~ Part One

Beginning in January, we have turned our attention this year to doing lots of needed maintenance. Buildings and walls have been repainted. New grass for the alpacas was planted throughout the land. Our old stage / storage area next to the AN•Labyrinth was torn down in preparation for building a beautiful, new casita for guests and volunteers. There was a strong feeling that we were preparing for something powerful ~ although we had no idea what we were preparing for.

At the end of February, we began an online Master Class of the Cards of AN. This was so deeply transforming and fun, with a brilliant group of people from North America and Europe whom we now dearly love. Doing this class was a great joy in such uncertain times.

On March 9th, we felt a sense of urgency to immediately go to Cuzco on a shopping trip where we stocked up on needed items for the animals and us. Cuzco was normal that day; everything was quiet and calm. A few days later, our sweet Tulipan died during the night, for no apparent cause. She had been her normal energetic, happy self the day before.

The next night, the world as we knew it, was drastically altered. The President of Peru announced that the country was going to be placed under a strict quarantine. All borders were closed. There was no more travel between cities. The Post Office was closed. All restaurants and non essential businesses were closed. All public transportation has stopped. Since then, only one person per family is allowed to go out in the morning ~ to buy food, medicine or go to the bank. For the first few days, we were allowed to drive our cars, then that was no longer permitted, so La Perla sits here idle, as if on an unexpected vacation.

Ironically, the first morning of the quarantine was the day that German and his crew were going to begin building our new guesthouse ~ but that project has been postponed for now. We have no idea how long this quarantine will last.

We are very grateful to be at the Heart of AN, surrounded by the exquisite beauty of nature, and immersed into the New Reality. We have our vegetable garden, although half of it had just been replanted, so it’s not full. Some of our neighbors have organized weekly deliveries of organic veggies, which is a great help.

We are doing well ~ deeply quiet, while dealing with a multitude of people from an expanded energetic distance. We are also working intensely with all the Worlds within Worlds, realigning them back to their Original True Blueprint.

Anchoring the New Reality and embracing you all with Pure True Love!

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  1. Ongralea says:

    I am so happy to see how well you are doing, Solara and Emanaku, at the Heart of AN. Everything looks lush and beautiful. It is wonderful to see how Still it feels at Home! Vast expansive Love, Ongralea .. Still in harmonious Taiwan!

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