MASSIVE RESET at the Heart of AN ~ Part Two

In this unprecedented time of immense MEGA RESET, when everything is so highly magnified, it’s easy for patience to run out and for tempers to flare. It’s easy to collapse our knowingness into the Great Void of Fear. It’s easy to get sucked into all the myriad sinister scenarios that appear to be playing out on the planet. It’s easy to feel frustrated or angry and fall into negativity.

This is when it appears that we have lost our freedom. But our loss of freedom isn’t due to the restrictions and lock-down placed upon us by outer forces; we are creating it inside ourselves. I’ve been saying for years, “WE ARE FAR MORE FREE THAN WE ALLOW OURSELVES TO BE!” And this is so true right now.

But even though navigating smoothly through these turbulent times may be quite challenging, this is exactly what we must learn to do. To navigate successfully, we need to keep our beings ever expanded; we need to remember that we are True Ones and embodiments of Pure True Love. If we hold to our focus of birthing a New Reality, then that is what we will experience. And this is exactly what we’ve been doing at the Heart of AN ~ focusing on creating a True, New World.

We have been busy here putting our focus on energetic progress in the Good through ‘A Mu’a ~ Moving Forward into the New and True.

Now that we are in a very strict quarantine in Peru, we are striving to become more self sufficient. Eusebio and Percy have made a small potato patch in the field with the Tower of AN. Sacred Potatoes! We have also added zucchini and pumpkin patches near our house in a previously unused piece of land next to the irrigation canal. This brilliant team of sweet beings have also been busy building irrigation canals out of stone and just completed making a ramada for the alpacas so they can have shade during hot, sunny days.

We are deeply concerned about the welfare of some of the local Peruvians ~ especially those whose life is a struggle and who have so little, even in “normal” times. Coming together with some of our neighbors who live here, we are finding ways to make sure that no-one goes hungry during these difficult times. I feel that this is one of the many lessons of now for all of us ~ to take responsibility for supporting those who need help, in whatever ways we can.

The quarantine here in Peru is now in its fifth week and will last at least until April 26. Our little road from the Heart of AN to the main road has been blockaded so no one can go in or out in vehicles. Emanaku has only been to town twice since the quarantine began. I haven’t left the land. We are in our Right Time – Right Place. And so is everyone else ~ even when it may not feel like it.

There are great lessons to be learned. There is much to be released. Everything needs to be totally realigned, recalibrated and RESET. There is no need to be bored or frustrated. The time we are in right now is like a brilliant Insertion Point of Unprecedented MEGA RESET. This is causing the Great Awakening that we’ve been waiting for.

Since The Way Things Used To Be no longer exists, let’s utilize this time of seeming standstill to move everything to a completely new, True Level!

Embracing you all with Pure True Love from the New Reality of AN!

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