Deepening at the Heart of AN!

We are still in the midst of a strict quarantine in Peru which began in the middle of March. Most of the time, we don’t notice it much here at the Heart of AN, as we normally spend a lot of time on the land. There are certain logistical matters, such as getting food, medicine or going to the bank which remain challenging. Our neighbors here have organized great food deliveries and there is a new Friday market in our village, but they all require that we walk one kilometer to get there and one kilometer uphill at 3,000 meters, carrying a heavy load, to come home. Meanwhile, our car La Perla sits inside her carport on vacation.

Our main concern are those who live on the edge during normal times, surviving day by day. With our neighbors, we have supplied food baskets to several hundred of those in need. Emanaku and I have also paid for internet for students at Percy’s school who needed it so they could attend online classes. But these are only short term solutions; we need to find new ways that people can be supported and receive necessities. This is especially compelling here since so much of Peru’s economy depended on tourism ~ which has now been totally Null Zoned.

Emanaku and I find ourselves deepening immeasurably during this time. I have been helping some of those who are having a challenging time. We have both been giving online readings of the Cards of AN and witnessing people’s lives transform. I’ve greatly enjoyed giving some Zoom Chats ~ seeing dear people whom I haven’t seen in years and finally meeting some amazing new ones! There is also much time spent just lying down and being totally still. This feels essential during this profound RESET we are all going through. Plus of course, we are cooking a lot!

It feels important that we maintain our state of expanded vastness throughout this strange and surreal time. And that we keep our focus on birthing a True New World. Our future feels blank and unformed, yet that is all right with us. We just do our best to live in the New Reality day by day.

With this profound deepening comes a noticeable deepening of our LOVE. Everyone and every moment has become so precious! That’s why our Zoom Chats are so special. The LOVE is so strong! We send this massive WAVE OF TRUE LOVE to each of you, that together as ONE, we may encircle the planet with PURE TRUE LOVE, that all may feel it.

Click “fullscreen” to see the details of this time lapse showing the Big Dipper passing by (at the “V” between the mountains) over 3 hours:

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