Time Flies at the Heart of AN!

The past several months have sped by rapidly. It feels like the Wheel of Time has slipped off its moorings and is now spinning wildly out of control throughout the dimensional universe.

At the beginning of July, quarantine was finally lifted in Peru after three and a half long months ~ except for those under 14 or over 65. This doesn’t mean that everything is functioning normally; it’s not. Only some things are allowed to reopen under numerous restrictions. Our borders and schools are still closed and there is very little public transportation. The well established tourist industry in Peru has completely null zoned. There are many people here who have lost everything. And many who are struggling to eat.

There are several groups, both spontaneous grass roots ones and already established NGOs, who have stepped forward to bring food and blankets to those in need. In our small village, neighbors, both Peruvians and ExPats, have joined together to make sure that no one is going hungry. We are supporting all of these groups as much as we can. If you want to help, you can find links to some of these groups on The Heart of AN FB page.

During the quarantine, we hoped that we would be able to catch up with our work and that maybe I would have time to focus on my new book or create art. I’ve been able to occasionally write on my book and have really enjoyed working on it. But since there has been such an air of heaviness and distortion in the collective, that proved impossible. Instead, we have been doing much work to transmute the energies around the planet ~ which makes us incredibly tired at times. We have also been keeping up with needed maintenance on the land and planted our first potato patch.

Like many others, we have instantly lost most of the sources of our income ~ as all visitors and groups coming this year have cancelled. The Peruvian Post Office has been closed for four months, and has still not reopened, so we have been unable to send out any orders from our AN•Mercado. Up until last week, we were not even allowed to go to Cuzco. Yet in spite of everything, we feel extremely blessed to be here.

We are in the midst of a very warm, dry winter season here in the Southern Hemisphere. Now we yearn for rain to moisten and nourish the earth ~ that everyone’s crops may grow and flourish.

Strange and challenging times, indeed.

With True Love from the Heart of AN!

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3 thoughts on “Time Flies at the Heart of AN!”

  1. Ján Master says:

    Greetings from Prague from the Czech Republic,
    our beloved family from Peru.
    I send many Love and Blessings to Peru and Heart of An.
    From the heart of Mystical Prague, Wisdom and Light are spreading for the whole Planet and Humanity. I share with you the Vibration of the consciousness of the new age of humanity, creatively manifested in images.
    https://www.doreanmaster.com/new-mystic-prague/ With love, Ján and Monika

  2. Hilke says:

    Belated best wishes you, dear Solara!
    And thank you for these insights!

  3. Tiffany Leigh Rose says:

    I am going through a complicated process of awakening and really asking myself what it is to be a Light worker in this world. I no longer, and have not for some time, been able to live in ordinary society. I don’t even know how to begin as I am currently awaiting disability for several issues mainly related to trauma. Any insight is much appreciated as to how to live again once you have died a thousand deaths.

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