January’s Musings from the Heart of AN

January was full of bursts of activity coupled with short periods of deep silence. We always have lots of practical tasks to do here and it feels really good to get some of them accomplished. There’s the sense of clicking into position which I really love.

One of our main focuses is on maintaining the very clean and true energy here and the New Reality still feels amazing and is stronger than ever. Now and then, a completely of new level of energy that we haven’t felt before, opens up and this is so exciting! Another strong focus here is to experience, feel and understand what is really going on ~ on this planet and beyond. Once we are able to do this, previously unseen area of the New Timeline become more clear.

In January, I actually got to go to Cuzco again. (I have only been around 3-4 times since last March.) Again, it struck me strongly how much life here has irrevocably changed. We also went to the touristic village of Pisac and were shocked to discover that about 85 – 90 % of the businesses there are still shut. It almost feels like a ghost town. We are trying to help as many artisans that we can by buying things from them for our online store ~ the AN•Mercado. But we can’t keep buying weavings and such unless someone buys them from us. The flow needs to be flowing!

We invite you to visit the AN•MERCADO at https://an-mercado.nvisible.com/ and perhaps you will find some special Hidden Treasures!

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