Leaping Into Action at the Heart of AN!

Last Wednesday, we leapt into action, preparing AN•Wasi for our guests from Germany who were here for three nights. Mirko and Vero were super nice and we greatly enjoyed having them here.

German, his son Victor and Andres arrived and began building the roof to protect the AN•Chakana. Emanaku and I went to Cuzco and bought two huge rolls of plastic roofing. Work began on the inner AN circle for the labyrinth. This meant that Emanaku and I had to finish creating the tile design that would go there. And of course, I had to write the April Surf Report.

It was all very exciting to see such progress being made. Exciting and a bit challenging because Emanaku and I are both totally exhausted. We have way too many things to do. In the midst of everything, our chain saw broke and is now being repaired.

Today we put the glass tiles in the inner AN circle of the labyrinth and they look so beautiful. Tomorrow, the solid glass blocks will go into the AN circle and it will look even better. We can’t wait to try out the labyrinth!

The wooden poles for the AN• Chakana are being lacquered. In a few days, the transparent plastic roofing will go on. We’ve all been so busy that we haven’t yet had time to repair the new leaks in the roof of our house caused by last week’s storm. But we will try to do it next week.

We still have a few spaces available for our Readers of the Cards of AN Master Class from May 12 -16. We have an amazing group of people coming, half of which are coming for the first time, while the other half are participating in their second class because they loved it so much! We would love to fill up the remaining spaces in this remarkable class.

Everything we do here makes it feel better and better. The Heart of AN is such an amazing place where the energies of the New Reality are strongly felt. It is deeply fulfilling to be totally at home in our True Home.

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