Sufing the Extremes at the Heart of AN

The past week was full of extremes here. I pulled a muscle in my back which caused some vertebrae in my neck to go out of position and was in extreme pain all week long. All I could do was concentrate on letting go and healing.

On Saturday, Emanaku went on a hike from Chinchero to the hidden Inka city of Huchuy Qosqo which took nine hours. After he returned at night, he could barely walk for a few days.

Yesterday was the first day that the pain in my neck lessened to the point where it didn’t make me cry. But instead of resting, we had to leap into action to prepare AN•Wasi and clean our house to get ready for two super nice visitors from Germany who arrived in the afternoon. I also worked on the design for the inner AN circle in the labyrinth.

Last night there was the most powerful storm we have ever experienced here. It began with thunder and lightning, progressed to large hail which damaged some of our flowers and stripped patches of paint off of walls both here and of our neighbors. New leaks developed in several locations throughout our house, including a waterfall in our bedroom that was coming in at the edges of the stovepipe of our wood stove.

Right at the height of the storm, when the rain was pouring down in sheets, while we were running through the house with armloads of towels and buckets, the electricity went out! But just when we got all our lanterns, that were left over from the 11:11 Gate Activation, lit, the electricity returned. It was a wild, wild night. Extreme for sure, but also extremely clearing.

Today, everything is washed clean and feels super fresh. But it will take us several weeks to repair all the damage.

German and crew arrived this morning to work on the labyrinth only to discover that the hole they had dug in the center yesterday had now transformed into a lake! This means that they are now working on the roof for the AN•Chakana.

We are canceling our April Readers of the Cards Master Class. This is a relief since we have so much to do here. The May ROC has a very strong group of participants from five countries, but there are still a few places available. These classes are extremely transforming on multiple levels and highly recommended.

Here you can participate in the May Readers of the Cards Class.

The next month will bring many changes and improvements to the Heart of AN. We are excited to see how they will unfold.

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