Loving Living at the Heart of AN

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already been living here for just over a month. We feel so deeply comfortable living here that in some ways it feels like we’ve always lived here.

But after a month of steady unpacking, sorting and organizing, we are still not completely settled. We are putting up window blinds, assembling furniture, hanging up paintings and sifting through everything. Our small storage shed behind the house is finished; we are just waiting for the cement floor to dry, then we will be able to fill it up, creating some free space in the house.

The guardian house is so beautiful! The roof should be on before the end of next week. Then we reach a crisis point since we don’t have enough money to finish the inside. It will need the electrical wiring, plumbing, floors, doors, stairs, windows, bathroom, kitchen, septic system and the yeso on the walls to be done before anyone can live there.

If we let Victor and the other workers go at the end of next week, they may not be available when we have enough money to continue. We would so love to get it done.

There are many advantages to having a guardian living on the property. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your house while you are gone. The guardian can help with the gardens and other tasks on the land and be our interface with the community. This is especially true if they are a local person who speaks Quechua and Spanish. Another possible use for our guardian house would be to have people living there who are a part of the Heart of AN. It would be such a huge help for us.

We’ve also found out that the farmers who own the land adjoining ours which is perfect for our Sanctuary, want to sell it as soon as possible. We haven’t yet had time to meet with them to find out what price they want for it. This land is essential for the Heart of AN so we are hoping for a big juicy melon.

So at this moment, we are deeply happy to be here. The exquisite land, the Heart of AN energies, Apu Sawasiray and us are all merging together. It feels very fulfilling, but I know that we are still in the beginning stages of a much greater union.

From our current vantage point, it feels nearly impossible to do all this, but on a deeper, infinitely truer level, it feels so right. We clearly see the full potential of the Heart of AN, but it’s obvious that we cannot bring it into full manifestation by ourselves. We would be so grateful if you could help make it happen!

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