A Whirlwind of Activity at the Heart of AN

After nearly a month, we are still getting settled. The boxes have nearly all been unpacked, but there are still piles on the floor all over the house waiting to be sorted and resorted, then put into their right places. Every day we make noticeable progress, but there is always so much more to do.

We look forward to finishing this process in the next few weeks so we can turn our attention to catching up with our “normal” tasks, and complete some of our long standing creative projects such as my card decks, as well as organizing Heart of AN events for next year. And then, there is much to do outside, such as planting flowers, lining the acequias with stones and building more rock walls for them.

The guardian casita is making good progress. We hope to get the roof on in the next few weeks before the rainy season begins. Then, we need to manifest the money to finish the interior, as we are getting very, very close to the end of our funds. Fortunately, we have some left over building supplies, plus lamps, tiles, flooring and furniture that we will be able to use in the casita.

Our small storage shed behind our house is getting its roof tiles today. The next step is to put in a cement floor, then install the door, which is being made by Concepcion. Once it is ready, we will be able to store there some of the piles of unused building supplies that are currently in our house. This will give us more space to put things away properly in the house. Little by little….

Every day, visible progress is made, but there is still so much more to do. But every day, we are continually, DEEPLY, grateful that we are here.

Living in your True Home catapults you into the New Landscape of our Wildest Dreams is like nothing else. It is a completely new experience and there is so much to learn. Absolutely everything, inside ourselves and outside ourselves, is being totally RESET. And it all feels so fresh, so true and wondrous!

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