Still on the fast track at the Heart of AN

After two and a half weeks of non stop action, we now have practically everything unpacked and placed in baskets, bins and piles all over the house. Now, we just need to find their right places. This requires lots of intuition, listening to where everything belongs at The Heart of AN. And if the right place cannot be found, does it go in our Sanctuary that we will build next year or is it meant to be given away or sold?

This process isn’t one of personal choices at all. It’s more of deeply tuning into a new level of RIGHT TIME – RIGHT PLACE. The interesting thing about the AN energies is that they are so super personal to each person. Because of this, we can totally let go of our old personal preferences and concentrate on aligning with the AN energies, thus the end result will be ultra personal, but on a totally new level.

Emanaku and I are still tired from diligently working so hard for so long, but are constantly nourished by being here. We are undergoing a continual process of adjusting our beings to actually living in the energies of The Heart of AN. My feeling is that by the time everything is finally organized in our house, we will be fully here ourselves. ♥

Elsewhere on the land, the construction of our guardian casita is progressing rapidly. Today, they are tearing down part of the exterior adobe wall, so they can rebuld it incorporating the interior wall of the casita.

Behind our house, the “Twins” who are actually cousins and live nearby, are building a small storage building to keep our unused building supplies. They have also built our first flower garden area, outlined by rock walls. Our first flowers have already been planted and bring us great joy!

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