Unpacking Continues at the Heart of AN!!!

Another super busy week as the unpacking continues. Each day is like running a marathon. Emanaku and I are working non-stop day and night while in a continual state of extreme tiredness. Small trails in each room are now becoming larger paths. Practically nothing is in its right place yet, but small islands of order are finally appearing.

Cupboard doors for our bathroom finally arrived. Sinks and toilets no longer leak, towel racks have been installed. The kitchen has enough clear space so we can cook in it. Some window blinds are up, although we still need to buy more, as well as curtain rods for the curtains. More lights were installed. Today or tomorrow, the large alter shelf for our Lotus room should arrive. And we are still waiting for the glass to be put into our bedroom door and the bathroom cupboards.

Outside, our Lotus desague sewage system is almost ready. Construction on the guardian casita has begun. Justo’s hut is being moved today to its new location near the front gate. Rock lined plant areas have begun to be created outside the entrada to our house and I can’t wait to start planting flowers! Truckloads of construction debris and packing materials have been removed. And in a few days we will start building a small storage room behind the house for unused building materials.

We are also still experiencing happy accidents. Last March we ordered large green tiles for our kitchen from a store in Lima. The order was supposed to arrive at the end of May, then at the end of July, and finally at the end of this month. Since we couldn’t wait that long, we changed our order and bought the same tiles in a much smaller size. When we tiled the kitchen, we incorporated the 20 larger tiles that we had in with the smaller ones. Now, we’ve discovered that the larger tiles are cracking and will need to be replaced with the small tiles. How fortunate that our order was delayed and we didn’t tile the entire kitchen with the large ones as originally planned!

In spite of all the activity and with so much still to do, we are absolutely elated to be here! The house and the nature are so inspiring! Beautiful beyond words!! I can feel layers upon layers of my being letting go, not just of the last year of construction or the past few months of hyper activity, but of my entire journey. A great inner transformation is taking place within us as we adjust to the energies of The Heart of AN and gulp the freshest of new air, The Air We Can Breathe.

It will be several more weeks before we are finally organized here, but this also mirrors the adjustments we need to make to our inner beings to be fully here.

We hope to be ready to receive visitors at the beginning of 2015 and will plan some very special events for April or so.

With LOVE to you all from the Heart of AN. It is finally coming fully alive and so are we!!!

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