Update from the Heart of AN

We finally moved into our beautiful new house on October 3rd. Since then, it has been quite an intense journey (which I will write about in more detail in the October Surf Report which is still in progress.)

We have been through supreme exhaustion, a painful pulled ligament and deep, detoxifying purification which led to a few days of feeling ultra transparent.

There has been no time to take new photos, as there are still mountains of boxes to unpack and put away. Truckloads of rocks for our Lotus desague system arrive daily. Lights are still being installed. Glass is needed in doors and cupboards. We are continually finding things that don’t work properly. Toilets and sinks have leaked; tiles in the shower have fallen out, and yet everything is quickly fixed.

There is still much more to do before everything is in its new, true position and fully functional. It’s interesting that my old possessions now feel so new. They no longer carry any residue of the past with them. Perhaps it’s because they were packed in boxes for so many years.

We realize that we are not only calibrating the interior of this house with our worldly treasures, but that most importantly, we are being deeply recalibrated to the energies of The Heart of AN. So we are HERE, but not yet FULLY HERE.

Each morning when we wake up from a deep sleep, we are in awe that we are finally living at the Heart of AN, surrounded by so much nourishing beauty. And we are grateful beyond words….


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1 thought on “Update from the Heart of AN”

  1. Brenda Griechen says:

    Thankyou so much Solara for sharing the nourishing beauty of the Heart of AN as it has been created…I am being recalibrated as I witness its becoming. So glad that you and Emanaku are finally Home! Can’t wait to breathe the energies of the AN room : )

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