Finishing Touches at the Heart of AN

This was another super exhausting and super exciting week at The Heart of AN. Many lamps were installed, although there are still more that need to be put into position. The bamboo floors were finished. The kitchen and bathrooms sinks were put into position. Slowly, but steadily, the closets and stairs were brought to completion.

There is still much work to do on our Lotus desague system, which has been somewhat hampered by the loss of two of our young, strong workers who simply didn’t show up yesterday. Hopefully, they will come today, along with a caterpillar to redistribute the clean dirt from the holes and take away some of the construction debris around the house.

For the past year, we have been dealing with an ever increasing mountain of details. But we have learned that, for some reason, it is this attention to the minute, mundane details that is birthing the vaster vision. I find this very interesting and will write more about it in the Surf Report.

Yesterday, we brought three truckloads of boxes and furniture to the house. On Friday and Saturday, two trucks will try to bring everything else. And then begins the long process of unpacking everything and finding where it belongs. This could take several weeks to a month.

Emanaku and I are beyond exhausted, to the point where it is beginning to affect our health. Yet, we are both very excited and deeply happy to see everything coming together so beautifully. As an added pressure, the October Surf Report needs to be written. Hopefully, I will be able to start it on Sunday.

And next week we begin construction on the guardian casita…. Oh my!

With TRUE HEART LOVE from The Heart of AN!

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