And another super busy week at The Heart of AN!

We are in the final stretch now and going full speed ahead so we can start moving in at the end of next week. It will take a few miracles, but it is possible and so tantalizingly close.

This was a breakthrough week as our wood stove was installed, closets were built and gorgeous bamboo floors were put in on the second floor and AN room.

Of course, there is much that still needs to be done. Five interior doors need to be finished, sinks and hot water heaters need to be installed. Our Lotus desague system is making great progress, but there is still much to do. And things are still going slowly with our Cuzco carpenters who are building the closets, kitchen, stairs and bathroom cabinets.

Emanaku and I have taken the phrase “non-stop action” to completely new levels. There are simply not enough hours in the day to do all that needs doing. We also realize that some things will not get done before we move in. And that we don’t have enough money at this time to paint the exterior of the house and cover our stone foundation with river rocks, so that will have to wait until later.

And of course, we will be moving right when I need to write the Surf Report, which is an extra challenge. And as soon as we are in the house, we will begin work on the guardian casita.

The AN energies are so wondrous that they propel us forward. We are deeply grateful to be so close to living in our True Home in the New Landscape.

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