Another super busy week at The Heart of AN!

Some things moved forward rapidly, while other tasks slowed down as the plumber, electrician and kitchen carpenters disappeared.

We are spending much of our time each day working at The Heart of AN and absolutely love being there. Emanaku has installed all the window fasteners and is sealing the grout in the bathrooms. Yesterday, he personally loaded and unloaded 37 extremely heavy boxes of bamboo flooring and hauled them up to the second floor. I’ve been laboriously scraping away all the grout and cement which covered the tiles in the bathrooms, kitchen and floors using sandpaper, a nail and a toothbrush. This is all very intensive work, but it needs to be done.

Because there are so many things still to do in our new house, we are spending about half our time there. The rest of our time, we are either packing or going to Cuzco to buy more building supplies.

The energies feel so amazing at The Heart of AN. It’s really beyond words and impossible to describe. The energies are unlike anything we’ve experienced before. The land is so exquisitely beautiful and welcoming. Our house is both wildly inspiring to us and feels so familiar and comfortable. The signs of a real True Home.

Our gorgeous front doors were installed this week. This felt like a huge breakthrough. We really love them. They feel totally perfect. Now, all the exterior doors have been made and there are only the four interior doors for Aristo to build.

The kitchen and closet carpenters didn’t show up this week, but brought some wood late last night and promised to come today to start building the closets and hopefully, to finish the kitchen and bathrooms. Tomorrow, the bamboo floors on the second floor and the AN room will start being installed.

We had really hoped to be able to move in at the Spring Equinox, but there is still much to be done. The most urgent task is our ecological sewage system. The holes have been dug and now they need to be lined with cement. Then we will put in the geomembrane plastic, an intricate series of tubes, lots and lots of river rocks, and finally the 200 vetiver plants. This is when we can move in!! Hopefully it will be before the beginning of October when the next Surf Report is due…

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