Super Fast Track at The Heart of AN

Super Fast Track at The Heart of AN this week! We are dealing with myriad details as we sprint down the final miles to completion. And it’s super inspiring to create the new Ultra Greater Reality AN architecture!

Last Wednesday afternoon, three carpenters arrived from Cuzco and set to work building our kitchen. The kitchen should be finished in a few days, and then they will start on the closets. At the same time, the living room doors were installed by Aristo. They look gorgeous. German continued to create our simple, but beautiful entrada, as well as an area for our hot water heater and an outdoor sink, (very useful in Peru), behind the house.

Alfredo continues to install the electricity throughout the house and Holger is putting in sinks, faucets, toilets and showers. There is still much work to do on our eco sewage system. Three young guys are digging the hole, but since they are also musicians, they will be playing at a fiesta for the rest of the week. Aristo is busy making our front doors, and after they are done, he has three upstairs balcony doors to make, plus four interior doors. As soon as all the exterior doors are in place, we can install the wood stove. And next week, we hope to install the bamboo floors upstairs.

We still don’t know our exact moving date, but it should be in two to three weeks. In our rare spare time, we are trying to pack.

Although we are super excited and inspired to see everything come alive, we are also going through a bit of a panic because we have come to the last of our personal money. For the first time in years, I’m going into credit card debt to buy the needed building materials, but only the biggest stores in Cuzco accept credit cards.

This somewhat scary situation requires a lot of trust. It also shows us that we need to start creating special Heart of AN events as soon as possible. I already have some brilliant ideas, but first we have to move and get settled.

But even with our challenges to make it through the final miles, we have no doubts about what we are doing. The energies of The Heart of AN are so exquisite. The land is so happy that we are there. And everything feels absolutely right!

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