Tiles and more

There were both breakthroughs and slow downs at The Heart of AN this past week. We are really hoping to be able to move in on the Spring Equinox in a few weeks. But there are still some major projects that need to be done before we can move.

At the top of the list is our ecological sewage system, for without that, we will not be able to use water and toilets. The huge holes that are needed to create our Lotus desague are being slowly dug out by hand. We also need all the doors and windows made and installed so we are able to securely close up the house. Then we will be able to install our wood stove. The front doors and upstairs balcony doors are still being built.

For the past week, the carpenters who are making our kitchen and bathroom cabinets, as well as our closets and stairs, have completely disappeared. They either promise to come the next day or don’t answer their phone. Huge Clear the Path XUAS!!!! are very needed.

Emanaku and I are still in non-stop action mode, riding a massive creative surge. This is finally affecting our health and we both feel a bit physically run down. In our spare time, I am writing the September Surf Report and packing.

The energies of The Heart of AN are constantly having a strong affect upon us. No matter where we are, no matter what we are doing, we feel like we are already at The Heart of AN. The energies of AN have superimposed themselves over everything around us. And this energy is undescribably exquisite!

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1 thought on “Tiles and more”

  1. Johan says:

    Dear Solara.

    Thank you for posting all the new images!, this is a great inspiration to see all the beauty in your true place. This gives strenght to carry on the journey on my true path.



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