Glass and Carpentry

It was yet another super busy week at The Heart of AN! ♥ Changes took place in so many areas. Glass was put into many of the windows. Carpenters started building the kitchen and bathroom cupboards and cabinets. More carpenters brought shelves for the pantry / deposito and art studio. Digging began on our eco Lotus desague system behind the house. More plumbing and electricity was installed. Bathrooms were tiled and new doors were built.

We were hoping to move in by the middle of September, but there is still much to do. Eight more doors still need to be made, a wood stove needs to be installed as soon as we have all the doors and windows in. The bamboo floors must be put in upstairs. The eco Lotus sewage system must be completed. Enclosures and doors for the water heater have to be built and so much more.

It’s truly formidable how much needs to be done and it’s been non-stop action for a year now. Only now, everything has accelerated greatly! There is barely time for anything else. But even though we are continually exhausted, it is so super exciting to ride this wild Heart of AN creative surge!!!

At the same time that all this activity is taking place, there is also a noticeable deepening. It’s actually much more than a deepening: the Invisible is becoming increasingly visible. Often this happens in the small moments…. I sit on a rock on the land for a moment, quietly gazing at Apu Sawasiray. Then suddenly, there’s what I can only describe as an unfolding of energy. A heightened, super real energy is revealed. Vertical lines of light appear in front of the Apu or I feel the breathing of Pachamama all around me. I am filled with awe….

It’s important to remember that we’re not putting all our energy, creativity and resources into just building a beautiful house for ourselves. We are always ultra aware of and holding the focus that we are birthing the energies of AN, and especially of The Heart of AN, into the physical with everything we do. The energies of AN are what enable us to do what we are doing, to work so hard for so long, and to put everything we have, on every level into The Heart of AN. The energies of AN are very needed on the planet at this time and this knowingness is our method of propulsion. AN is this massive creative surge we are riding.

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