Busy – Stop – Busy … !!!

This was a busy week with both accelerated progress and sudden stops at The Heart of AN. Sometimes the house was full of workers and much got done. Then there were times when people didn’t show up when they had promised to be there and it seemed that very little was accomplished. And much waiting for the carpenters to finish their projects.

Emanáku and I are still dealing with myriad details each day, making hundreds of decisions each week, buying carloads of building supplies and continually taking them to the land, then returning home with them because the work isn’t ready or the person who needed them didn’t show up.

Even so, there is obvious progress being made. By the end of next week, we should have bathroom cabinets, kitchen cupboards, glass in the windows and perhaps, the upstairs bamboo floor will be installed.

The energies of the house and land feel increasingly magnificent. The energy is so clear and true. We are deeply grateful to be so involved in birthing The Heart of AN. And absolutely can’t wait until we can move in, hopefully in the middle of September!

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