Miracle Accomplished at the Heart of AN!

Yesterday, after several delays beyond our control, we finally made the last payment on our exquisite AN•Sonqo Sanctuary land! What almost seemed impossible last June was accomplished with the help of our beloved Family of AN (YOU!). And it feels perfect that it was done with your help, rather than just by us. This special sacred land now carries the love and support of so many, from all over the world. And it feels absolutely right that your energy is here too.

Last week, we also had another breakthrough, which was the launch of the AN•Mercado which carries not only my Cards of AN, but some incredible treasures from Peru which all anchor the energy of the New Reality. You can visit the AN•Mercado here: http://an-mercado.nvisible.com/

We’ve also set the dates for our Special Events in May! There will be a deeply transformational Cards of AN Master Class from May 12 – 16. This will be followed by the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN from May 18 -23.

We have been wanting so much to activate a Tower of Light here since we first created the Heart of AN, but knew that the only right place to do it was on the adjoining land which we didn’t yet own. Now that this land is finally part of the Heart of AN, we are very excited about the upcoming Activation. We know that having a powerful, fully activated Tower of Light of AN here will greatly expand the energies of the New Reality so they can be more strongly felt all over the world.

Information on our May Events is here: anvisible.com/events/

The registration forms will be online in a week or so.

We really hope that many of you will participate and are offering a special discount if you want to come to both events.

We have been going so full on here that now both of us are beyond exhausted. Our bank accounts are almost empty and we still have much to do. But we remain deeply grateful to be here and are constantly in awe of the amazing energies at the Heart of AN.

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  1. Leslie says:

    Yay!!! Congratulations, Solara!!!


    Leslie Caplan

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