Mega Breakthroughs at the Heart of AN!

WE DID IT! We now have the money to buy our AN•Sonqo Sanctuary Land. Beloved Family of AN ~ THANK YOU, Thank You, thank you! We are deeply touched by your support and know that we could not have done this without you! <3

Last June when the AN•Sanctuary land became available for sale, it was the worst time possible for us, since we had no extra money. But we knew it was unquestionably right since this special land is meant to be the Heart (Sonqo in Quechua) of the Heart of AN. This is when the magnificent Family of AN stepped forward and together as ONE, we achieved the impossible.

Last Sunday at 6:00 am, the previous owners of the land came to cut some eucalyptus trees that were supposed to be cut last October. This had been part of our sale agreement. But actually, they needed to be removed, because a strong wind could have knocked them over and they would have crashed into the AN•Chakana roof.

As soon as they remove the fallen trees, within the next week; we will make the final payment. (We extended the payment deadline for a few weeks to allow for foreign bank transfers to arrive and for them to cut their trees.)

AT LAST! After that, we have a lot to do. We need to create a new public path at the far side of the new land to replace the one which is currently between our old and new lands. Then we need to pay off the personal loans we received to buy the land, while also raising the money to built a fence around three sides of the new land. This will be when we can finally reunite the lands and open them up together. This will be so powerful! It will greatly expand the AN energies.

On May 23, we will activate a huge Tower of Light of AN on the new land. Actually the whole piece of the AN•Sonqo Sanctuary land will be the Tower of Light of AN. We are creating a Special Event to activate this Tower of Light of AN which will be from May 18 – 23. After it is activated, the resonance of the New Reality of AN will be more strongly felt throughout the world.

This will be proceeded by a Readers of the Cards of AN Master Class from May 12 – 16. We really hope that many of you are called to join us and participate in these extraordinary Special Events. It will be an amazing experience! We hope to have the registration information available within the next few weeks.

We also want to find time to make a video of the first part of the new Triangulation Mudra this week. This Mudra is very helpful in unhooking ourselves from duality and creating the Third Point anchored in the New Reality.

I’ve also realized that it would be helpful for people anchoring the New Reality of AN, if they had some touchstones with the energies of AN. Because of this, we are adding new Peruvian treasures with AN energies to our AN•Mercado. They will be online very, very soon.

There has been an immensely powerful creative surge this month, which has been too full of activities for me to work on the recalibration of my “11:11” Book. I hope to devote some time to it in February and possibly get it finished. In the meanwhile, Emanaku has been preparing my books, “The Star-Borne”, “The Legend of Altazar” and “Invoking Your Celestial Guardians” as eBooks so they can be sold in Apple’s iBooks Store.

Since this amazing New Year began, we are trying to step out of our established routines and do something new and different at least once a week to welcome the New and Unexpected into our lives. Something which we don’t normally do, like trying a new restaurant or finally visiting the Inca site of Sacsayhuaman which Emanaku had never visited and I hadn’t been there since 1995.

Whenever we visit one of these Inca archeological sites, we discover that the energies are unexpectedly fresh and full of LOVE! Even sites like Sacsayhuaman which I first visited in 1972 and knew pretty well, feel completely different than before. One might think that they would be tired by now, but they are way less tired than they used to be.

When I was there many years ago, the Inca energy was strong and alive, but now it has greatly dissipated. Instead, what’s most noticeable is the fresh, new, extremely LOVING energy of AN! Even though I know that the Incas came from the lineage of AN, to experience the bright freshness and powerful LOVE of AN here in these ancient ruins, is quite wondrous. And it makes me very, very HAPPY!

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