More and More Changes at The Heart of AN!

This was a super busy week here with many changes. The most exciting news is the arrival of Manzana yesterday afternoon. She is our first Dog of AN and is an absolute sweetheart. She had a tranquil first night here and is busy exploring her new environment. The cats are still adjusting to her, but I’m sure that soon they will all be friends.

Early Sunday morning we had an exquisite visit with a absolutely brilliant group from Australia led by Judy O’Donnell and Jorge Luis Delgado. They loved the energies here and we totally loved them. After visiting the AN•Chakana, I did a reading for Judy with the Cards of AN in our living room. It was so fun and a great blessing for us as it helped to remind us why we created the Heart of AN. Our True Purpose in being here sometimes gets buried under the mountains of practical details and the occasional challenges.

A few minutes after they left, Jorge Luis called and told us to go look at the Sun. We ran outside and they was a huge double rainbow around the Sun. This was a powerful and auspicious sign of our great gathering together. We hadn’t seen anything this magnificent since the 11:11 Eleventh Gate Activation three years ago.

Along with the positive changes here, there have also been the challenges. They are planning to build a line of power poles going up our valley all the way to the small village of Cancha Cancha which is a four hour walk up into the mountains from here. This is good for Cancha Cancha, but might include a power pole on the hill behind our house, which we’re not happy about. They are also talking about widening the road that goes a few kilometers up the valley from here, so it’s wide enough for the trucks of the electricity company. Justo is worried that he might have to move a wall of his personal house up the road. But Emanaku and Justo are going to a meeting on Saturday to find out more details.

Today is the day that Eloy will be arriving and moving into AN•Tika to be our full time gardener – guardian. Since he’s not here yet, you will have to wait for photos of him next week.

And on Monday, German will arrive and start building a curved wall and private, outdoor living area outside of AN•Tika. After that is done, he will make some river rock paths around our house so we won’t have to walk in the mud during rainy season.

With all the changes, although still super busy, we are beginning to feel renewed. We still need to decide if we are having a Readers of the Cards of AN Master Class in October or November — so if any of you want to come, please let us know. We are also organizing some private workshops with a Russian group in late November. There is still much to do, but we are deeply grateful to be here! ♥

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