Positive Changes at The Heart of AN!

September is a busy month so far, but so much easier than August. I’m finally feeling healthy again, and better yet, things are moving forward!

Yesterday, we found our first Heart of AN dog. She’s an eight month old female with some golden retriever mix. She’s been living at an animal refuge in Cuzco for many months, having originally been found abandoned on the streets. Her name is Manzana, which means apple. She already had this name, but at least it has two ANs in it. m-AN-z-AN-a. She is super sweet and very much in need of some tender, loving care. We will go get her and bring her to her True Home early next week.

We also decided on our new guardian / gardener. Eloy is a very nice and capable young man from the weaving village of Huillac which is about forty minutes beyond Ollantaytambo, up in the mountains. He will move here in a week.

We also found a great, new lawyer who speaks English!

With all the moving forward, ‘A Mu’a energy, there are still a few elements which haven’t happened yet. I finally got a new phone and computer to replace the ones which died at the end of June, but haven’t had time to get either of them working. But they’re here and waiting….

On Sunday morning, we are being visited by a group of fifteen!

So next week, we should have some exciting new photos for you – Our new dog, new guardian and our very special Sunday visit!

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