More Creativity at the Heart of AN

We had three free days between the Activation of the Heart of AN and our first Heart of AN Master Class. This was the perfect time for people to visit Moray, Pisac, Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo. Emanaku and I stayed at home and I somehow managed to write the July Surf Report while Emanaku created the web page for the “Cards of AN”. Since then, we have sold half of the small first printing of the cards. It’s deeply fulfilling to see them go forth all over the world.

The Heart of AN Master Class was very free flowing. We had no plan for it, but everything went smoothly and many new things were birthed. We spent several hours each day at the AN•Chakana. One morning all sixteen of us managed to sit on it at the same time. We thought that we would do the Silent Watchers of the Heart of AN, but something quite different transpired. The AN•Chakana became multi-dimensional and we became an integral part of it. Together we moved through the worlds within worlds as One. It was quite powerful.

That afternoon, we created a new AN Dance upon the chakana. It’s quite different doing sacred dances on various levels, rather than the flat, solid ground that we are used to. But it feels very good and very new.

At times, there were strong creative surges that swept through us. This is how we created the Kayumari Dance the following day. The purpose of this dance was for the full manifestation of the Heart of AN. Two dances manifested effortlessly. We are also learning about the spontaneity of the AN energy. How no two ceremonies are alike; how each time we do a dance, it is different than before — always fresh and new. This is much easier than the way we used to do things and it’s super fun!

In the afternoon of our final day, we went to a secret Inca place for a picnic lunch. It was so beautiful and was full of pure AN energy. Totally unexpectedly, we activated our first Tower of Light of AN!!

Yesterday and today have been full of poignant departures as some of our Family of AN return to their countries. Tomorrow, our July Readers of the Cards Class begins. It’s been amazing, exhausting at times, but totally life changing for all of us. And so very precious that we could come together on the physical and experience the Heart of AN as One True Being. ♥

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