Our Special Events are Finally Over!

Our month long program of Special Events is now complete. Last Wednesday, the last of our visitors finally departed. Since then, we’ve been trying to catch up on all the work that was neglected during the past month. There are taxes to file, bills to pay, orders to send, houses to clean and recalibrate. I also have to get my broken phone either repaired or replaced. It will take us at least another week to get everything done. In addition, a piece of my tooth broke off last night so we will be making an emergency trip to the dentist in Cuzco on Monday morning.

Our July Readers of the Cards Class was super intense, but lots of fun. We are learning that these aren’t simply classes to learn how to read the cards. Instead, they are classes of concentrated, profound transformation for all participants. The Cards of AN are multi-leveled and alive. To learn them thoroughly requires that we become unhooked from duality and emerge as True Ones. We have to live them in order to learn them!

We are already making plans for our next Readers of the Cards of AN Class to be held in October which will be a day or two longer (6 – 7 days long) and incorporate more physical exercises, as well as the greatly loved trip to the Sunday Market at Chinchero to find special card cloths. We hope to have the dates available in a few weeks.

We have already sold over half of our initial supply of the Cards of AN and will start making more soon. We are still working out major glitches in the shipping costs on our order form. Since all our visitors have left, all shipments now have to be sent out from Peru which costs around $30. Obtaining a set of the Cards of AN is somewhat elusive at this moment, like getting a Hang Drum, but are well worth it. We also hope to have the Cards of AN available in Spanish in the next few months.

As soon as we have time, we will work on completing our Visitor’s Program to the Heart of AN. Soon, AN•Wasi will be available for rent for those who wish to stay on the land for a few days. This information will be on the anvisible.com website as soon as it’s ready.

Having so many workshops in our house has shown us how important it is to buy the adjoining land and build our Sanctuary as soon as possible. Our house gets quite crowded with lots of people in it and having a special, dedicated place for workshops and ceremonies would be extremely helpful. We are looking at various options on how to raise the money to do this.

It was deeply fulfilling for us to see the Heart of AN full of loving, true people who truly felt and appreciated its energy; to see it coming alive with ceremony and having the exquisite AN energy felt all over the world! ♥


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