Beginning the New Andean Year at The Heart of AN!

We thought that everything would quiet down a bit after our Special Events were over, but we have been super busy here at the Heart of AN.

August 1 is the Dia de Pachamama (Mother Earth) in Peru and the beginning of the Andean New Year. Although we celebrated this last year on the land, this was the first time that we were actually living here. We went around the outside of all the houses, the entrances to the land and along the outer wall facing the road. Justo led the way with red wine offerings to Pachamama. Then came Emanáku creating clouds of yellow pika pika confetti, followed by me sprinkling flower petals upon the ground. We all offered prayers and deep gratitude to Pachamama. It was great fun, especially when we were on the street side of the wall and offered those who passed by a sip of wine and a showering of pika pika!

We are almost sold out of our first batch of the Cards of AN and are very grateful that they are so loved by their true people. New bags are already in the process of being sewn and more cards will be printed next week. When we bring the cards home from the printer, they will need to be hand sorted by us into complete decks. This is over 60,000 cards to be sorted, so if anyone wants to come help us….. !!!!

The Cards of AN have now traveled to their new homes in 21 countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia (Siberia!!), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and US. It’s very exciting to feel them spreading the AN energies across the planet.

We have readied the beautiful AN•Wasi for those who would like to come visit the Heart of AN and stay on the land. Information on renting AN•Wasi is here:

We are also in the process of updating the entire website with new information for visitors, activities, special events and groups. We plan to have a new Readers of the Cards Class here in either October or November. Please let us know if you are interested in participating and which month is best for you. We can also offer special Readers of the Cards Classes for groups at a date that is convenient to you. The Class only has space for 8 – 12 people and is six days long. It is deeply transformational and lots of fun!

We’ve been interviewing potential guardians / gardeners. Although we don’t feel that we’ve found the right person yet, we have more interviews set up for next week, and know that perfect people will appear in the right timing. We also plan to build a curving adobe wall around the front of AN•Tika to give our new guardians a private, outdoor living space. We will probably begin in September.

Sending HUGE LOVE to all of our beloved Family of AN. May you have a brilliant Andean New Year! ♥

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