Poco a Poco at The Heart of AN

It was a relatively slow week here at the Heart of AN. I’ve been sick for several weeks and am finally starting to get healthy again. This week, we had two days of rain which was really good for the plants, with lots of fresh, new snow on top of the surrounding mountains.Then today, it turned warm and sunny again!

We now have only one set left of the Cards of AN! They have now been sent to 22 countries!! It’s very exciting for us to see them travel all over the world and find their right people. India is our latest country!

Fortunately tomorrow we are going to go to the printer in Cuzco and pick up 200 more sets of cards, as well as more bags which are being made by a very sweet woman in the town of Pisac. Then begins our marathon of sorting around 63,000 cards into complete decks and putting them into bags so they are ready to sell.

On Saturday, our friend Agosto brought us new sancarpas from Apu Ausangate. These are the handwoven, beaded bands which we use to tie the bags for the Cards of AN. It was our first visit in a few years and was good to see him again.

Last Sunday, we greatly enjoyed a visit with Dario and Rosana from Cuzco. He is an anthropologist, originally from Ollantaytambo, who has incredible knowledge about the Inkas. We shared information about the connection between the Inkas and AN for several hours; it was totally fascinating. They also loved the energies of the Heart of AN!

We’ve been interviewing several people to find our perfect Guardian / Gardener for the Heart of AN. Then one morning, a local man just shows up at our gate. He’s a very honorable, older man who has lots of gardening experience. And he may be the right one! But we will wait to make our decision until the end of the month since we still have a few more interviews.

Yesterday, we went to the annual Feria de Ceramicos in the nearby town of Calca and bought a carload of gorgeous, and very inexpensive, pots. We will take our time planting them, waiting until we know where they are meant to go and what kind of plants will go in them. Some of the larger ones are for my seeds of several varieties of Mexican peppers, while the smaller ones will hold flowers.

It really feels that the past few weeks have been rewiring us into a new pace of life. I’ve definitely experienced a forced slowing down. Now, the energies are shifting again and the pace is picking up, but in increments, allowing us to adapt to new ways of being.

I apologize that there aren’t many photos this week. but that’s just how it is! Poco a poco.

With huge Heart of AN LOVE to our beloved Family of AN! ♥

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  1. Anna says:

    It is a great joy to read these blog entries and to learn the latest news of the Heart of AN. ♥♥♥

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