Sorting, Sorting, Sorting at The Heart of AN!

The past few weeks were rather challenging here. Emanáku was in Germany for his son’s wedding and I was here by myself with the cats. (Plus Justo…. ) And the energies were strong, difficult and intense.

My main focus was sorting all the new Cards of AN which I picked up from the printer in Cuzco over a week ago. There are around 67,000 cards to sort into 207 sets of four decks each so this is a rather formidable task. It requires focus for sure, but I also learned that if I consciously sort the cards with Love as a Silent Watcher, it deepens the entire experience immeasurably.

On Wednesday night, Emanáku returned (Yeah!!!) and after a night’s sleep, he leapt into action! So now there are two of us sorting the Cards of AN. Our total is 38,888 sorted so far. At the same time, new bags are being made for them in glorious colors. And in a week, our Q’ero friend from Ausangate will bring us more of the beautiful handwoven, beaded sancarpas to wrap around the bags.

We have also been meeting with several people who are interested in our guardian / gardener position. We have finally narrowed it down to two men who are very different. One is a 61 year old man who lives nearby who feels very capable and integrous. The other is a 20 year old young man from the village of Huilloc above Ollantaytambo who is smart and seems very capable. It’s a very difficult decision for us which we have to make in the next few days. We like both of them very much and would hire both of them if we could!

Then as soon as our new guardian is in position, we need to find our two true Dogs of AN as soon as possible!

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