More Visitors to the Heart of AN!

After a few days of cleaning and recalibrating, we were ready for the arrival of Irina and Liubov’s Group from Russia and Belarus. These were our first visitors from Belarus and one of them bought a set of Cards of AN to take back with them, so we can add another country to the Cards of AN List!! And thanks to Sasha, we have a Russian translation of the Cards of AN book.

They arrived on Wednesday evening and after a short time getting settled, we all had dinner together, then the group spent the night at the Heart of AN, as well as the new, small hostal across the road. The next day after breakfast, everyone had readings with the Cards of AN! There were six readings with me and four with Emanaku. It took a little longer than usual since everything had to be translated into Russian. (And I often had to translate the cards into Spanish, for Liubov to translate them into Russian). But the card readings were strong and accurate for each person. They were an amiable group and we enjoyed getting to know them.

After they departed on Thursday afternoon, we were tired, but happy. The next day, we had to go to Cuzco for many errands, so it wasn’t until Saturday that we finally had a rest.

This week, we are trying to catch up with various work projects that were neglected for the past few weeks. It feels good to get these things done so we can turn our full attention to our exciting Special Events in October.

Ever since my transformational “sickness” in August, I’ve felt a strong urge to pass on much of my knowingness. Many scepters are ready to be passed to those who are ready. This makes me very excited for the opportunity to share with you in October!

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