Opening the Doors at the Heart of AN!

After a small Sacred Pause to catch up on our work, visitors started arriving. On Friday morning, we had a visit from our Q’ero friend from Apu Ausangate who brought us more sancarpas.

In the afternoon, we joined Johnson and three of his friends for lunch in Urubamba, then returned to the Heart of AN with them for readings with the Cards of AN. It was great to see Johnson again and we instantly loved his friends as True Family. And we loved having Johnson and his friend Andy spend another night at AN•Wasi.

On Saturday morning, the yoga group of Tracey and Victoria arrived from the US. We toured the land, walked the AN•Labyrinth, visited the AN•Chakana, talked about the Heart of AN and the New Reality and taught them the amazing 11:11 Mudras. It was super fun!

Then part of the group left and seven remained for lunch with us, as well as Johnson and Andy, followed by eight readings with the Cards of AN by me and Emanaku. Even though this was quite a marathon, the card readings were brilliant and so perfect for each person. And such super nice people!

The following morning, Emanaku had to go to the meeting of the local Water Association at 7:00 am. After that, we pretty much collapsed all day.

Today, we are catching up on our work and preparing our house and AN•Wasi for the arrival of ten Russians on Wednesday afternoon. They will spend one night here and all of them want readings with the Cards of AN!!! Some of the group were here last year and we look forward to seeing them again.

With all these activities, I am discovering how much I have deepened and changed since my transformational “illness” in August. This has profoundly affected the energies at the Heart of AN and moved everything to a completely new level.

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