Surfing the Beam at the Heart of AN

The past few weeks were rather uneventful here with our focus on catching up on our work and regaining my health. Even though I am stronger than I was last month, I feel irrevocably altered by my experiences in August and am still trying to integrate them. Because of the massive changes, we have felt the need to recalibrate everything here onto a totally new level, so a lot of physical and energetic cleaning is taking place.

On Tuesday, the very sweet Johnson arrived from Singapore to stay in AN•Wasi for a few days. His visit was very energizing and we greatly enjoyed sharing the energies of the Heart of AN with him. We showed him the 11:11 Mudras and he had a powerful reading with the Cards of AN.

It’s always amazing to us who is drawn to visit the Heart of AN. Often it is people whom we don’t know who are told that they must come here by friends of theirs whom we also don’t know. When we meet them, we always feel a deep connection with these visitors who have come here with a stunning sense of rightness.

Johnson left yesterday and right after he left, we were totally flattened by the energies of the New Moon / Eclipse and couldn’t get anything done. Now my attention has turned to writing the September Surf Report. This is going to be such an intense month, full of transformation and immense changes for many of us.

We can also feel the energies building for our October events ~ the Cards of AN Master Class, followed by the Conclave of the Family of AN. They will be momentous and we truly hope that you will feel called to participate.

We are also preparing for the visits of two groups in the next two weeks, one a yoga group from the US and the other one from Russia. We’ll be giving fifteen card readings to them, amongst other activities. It is very exciting for us to have visitors at the Heart of AN.

In a few weeks, we make our second payment on the AN•Sonqo land and if we receive all the pledges that were made, we should be able to make this payment. Then, just one more payment in December (which still requires some major miracles to pull off) and this wondrous land will become part of the Heart of AN. Donations are very welcome!

We always feel the presence of our Family of AN here with us and are deeply grateful for your love and support. We ever embrace you with the energies of the New Reality and huge AN LOVE!


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