Our Plans for 2015


View of the Heart of AN on January 1, 2015.

Solara and Emanáku’s house is in the foreground

and the nearly completed AN•Wasi in the distance.

 And this is what we still want to achieve at The Heart of AN in the momentous Year 2015:

  • Find the perfect guardian / gardener for the Heart of AN.
  • Get two dogs!
  • Buy the land for our AN•Sonqo Sanctuary.
  • Build our Sanctuary.
  • Plant an organic vegetable garden and fruit trees.
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3 thoughts on “Our Plans for 2015”

  1. Aurora says:

    Can’t wait to visit you one day and recover!

  2. Solara says:

    Hi Carlos!

    Yes, you can visit the Heart of AN in early May. We are organizing several possible activities for visitors to the Heart of AN and they will be available soon.

    On June 30th is the official Activation of the Heart of AN. There are two days of preparation for this on June 28 and 29. Registration details will be available in the next few weeks. There are also two other special Master Classes being offered here in June and July.

    If you want to contact us directly, my email is solara@nullnvisible.com

  3. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Carvalho says:

    Hello! I am a brazilian guy! I would like very much to visit the AN center In Peru.

    Is that possible? How we could schedule a visit?

    My wife and I intend to visit the Sacred Valley at May 02 and 03.

    Its possible to arrange a visitation?

    Maybe it should be better onother day?

    Could you sugest a better day to visit AN?

    There will be a metting In June 30?

    How could we participate? Thanks for tour reply and directions!

    Carlos and Leila Carvalho.

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