Solara’s Surf Report for 2015 with a Section on the Family of AN


Solara’s Surf Report for the Year 2015, SHIFTING WORLDS, is now online and free to read.


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1 thought on “Solara’s Surf Report for 2015 with a Section on the Family of AN”

  1. Donna says:

    Thank you for sharing. I needed to read this right now. I’ve found myself in a location and social position that I don’t really care for, but years ago I was meditating and was given a directive that I am an anchor in the location I’m living in. The word anchor was specifically conveyed to me. This sent me on a lot of challenges. I had no idea what the term *anchor* meant but now felt obligated to remain in a situation I didn’t care for through a term I didn’t even understand. Last year I understood why I’m with a specific person. As a result I’ve found myself saturated with negative emotions and dislike for humanity. The culminating result is that I don’t want to live on this level of dualistic planetary expression as I feel like I’m becoming part of the energy that is unbalanced.

    I recently revisited Buddhist concepts, through a book by Pema Chodron, called, When Things Fall Apart. 42 pages in and am being strongly reminded to be where I am. Then yesterday I landed on your information which says essentially the same thing – be what you need to be where you need to be.

    Suddenly a different focus caused a different shift in me. Rather than wanting to run away because I’m seeing the dark unbalanced negative in humanity in a way I never have before, and fear of it consuming me causing me to run, I’m discovering that this imbalance is coming forward to be unified. I’ve known it’s coming forward inside me to be unified, but I didn’t know that humanity is an extension representation of this outside also. It’s coming forward in all beings to be embraced and unified in one – not run from and thereby continuing duality and imbalance ratios. My husband and I have been called to work in special needs environments where we’ve experienced a different level of this in both the individuals with the needs and many of the staff providing care. I didn’t know how I could be involved in this level of existence while still knowing it’s illusionary along with the powerful negative aspects of negative energy in a high ratio. But with the combination of reading your information and this book I’m finding the focus again to be in a balance choice place within. I still strongly feel and see the negative all around, but today I can observe without having it consume me.

    Yes, you are correct and true that this is the time when we need to join together as the energy as we will need it.

    Since 2002 I’ve felt like I had a group. I’ve occasionally looked for this group and each time was disappointed to find it wasn’t the group that internally I seemed to have an innate understanding of. I finally gave up looking. Suddenly last week I began on the alert again and I do feel like reading your information connected within me on that level I was looking for.

    If you are holding a group meditation please let me know as I’d be interested in participating.

    Kind regards,

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