Our Special Events Begin!!

We’ve had an ultra busy week here at the Heart of AN!

Last Thursday, we picked up the books and cards for “The Cards of AN” in Cuzco. Then we met with Sebastian, Petra and Ursulai who had just arrived and drove home in two cars. On the way, there was a very powerful double rainbow in front of us. Underneath the rainbow were several magenta and green bands – the colors of AN. For over fifteen minutes, the rainbow was always directly in front of us, even when we went around curves and mountain. It was like going through a massive rainbow doorway. I’ve never experienced anything like it before.

We spent much of Friday and Saturday sorting the over 30,000 cards into individual card decks. And these are just enough cards to make 100 sets! We also picked up the first thirty of the vibrantly beautiful hand made bags for the book and cards. More will be ready later this week.

AN•Wasi and AN•Tika are full of guests and they all love their small houses. Finally, the Heart of AN feels like a small community.

On Sunday morning we visited the Chinchero market for Peruvian rugs, weavings and special treasures. In the afternoon, our Readers of the Cards Class began! This class is absolutely brilliant and we are all learning a lot. By now, everyone has had multiple readings by different people and their stories are emerging. Each day brings us more insights and breakthroughs. Some are even making plans to return for our next Readers of the Cards class in October.

In the midst of everything, we had several visits from Olger, our plumber to fix a leaking pump and get all the showers working properly.

We still have much to do to prepare for the Activation of the Heart of AN Ceremony on June 30th. Our sacred Staffs of AN have been made, but we still need to prepare our ceremonial banners. The AN•Chakana has been thoroughly cleaned and yesterday Petra and I put on the first coat of the cement sealer. Just two more coats to go!

Everyone is enjoying the exquisite AN energy, and although it can be a bit intense at times, we are all having a magnificent time being together in this amazing place.

We send our LOVE to all our Family of AN!! We feel you here with us.

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