After a very successful Readers of the Cards Class, we had two “days off” in which to run to Cuzco to talk the printer into making new cards to replace the defective and dirty ones. It took a miracle, but we finally convinced them to do this, and we received the new cards the very next day. These two “free” days were full of numerous preparations for our Activation.

On Saturday, my computer had a fall which destroyed the disc drive. Fortunately, Emanaku had an extra drive, but since I’ve been so busy lately, I hadn’t backed up my computer since the middle of May, so much was lost. It was a serious loss, but we didn’t have any time to deal with it.

Our Activation Preparations began last Sunday morning. A totally amazing group of True Ones came from twelve countries: Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, US, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia, Switzerland, New Zealand and Japan. The first day, our focus was on weaving together our One Being and on the second day we created our ceremony. This happened quickly, easily and organically.

On the morning of our Activation, my telephone fell into the toilet and now no longer works. This also happened to Petra and Jessica during the past week. Don’t yet have time to look at why this is happening.

Before the Ceremony, several of our workers arrived with their families, including Victor, Olger, German and Rucio. As we introduced them to our group, they were amazed at how far people had traveled to be here.

We began the Activation of the Heart of AN with two processions – one from each side of the land. We met right in front of the entrance to the ceremonial area. This was the first time we had used drums in a ceremony, and they proved to be a huge help to keep the entire Activation grounded. We had brilliant musicians who played our three drums, plus two pairs of Tibetan ting shows, 2 pairs of Aboriginal clicking sticks from Uluru in Australia and a Shipibo rattle with the Sun and Moon. Somehow, everything perfectly jelled together and sounded incredible.

Since I still have to write the July Surf Report, we are going to upload the photos of the Activation of the Heart of AN in three parts, one each day or so….

All I will say now is that it was totally exquisite, very natural and absolutely in the New Reality. And quite different than any activation we have done before. We could feel you with us, and still do. The Activation of the Heart of AN is still going on, and will be for at least a few more days so please stay in the energies! ♥

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