(click here to see THE ACTIVATION OF THE HEART OF AN: Part One)

After our despacho ceremony was complete, we moved our sacred staffs of AN to the four doorways of the AN•Chakana. This is when the Activation of the Heart of AN officially began!

Now, the music starts to play. Our five musicians came together and created the perfect music for our ceremony almost effortlessly. They played an Inuit Drum of the North from Alaska, the Mapuche kultrun drum from Chile: the Drum of the South, a Tarahumara drum from Mexico, 2 pairs of Australian Aboriginal clicking sticks from Uluru and 2 pairs of Tibetan ting shaw cymbals. All the drums were specially made for the Heart of AN. The music was an essential part of the ceremony, keeping everything grounded.

Next, eight dancers went to the AN•Chakana and performed a new dance of sacred geometry which anchored the New Timelines. Then twelve of us performed a new Heart of AN dance on the AN•Chakana. Both the dances were absolutely exquisite. Simple, but powerful. Dancing on the AN•Chakana with its various levels added a new dimension to our sacred dances.

After the dances, everyone, including the musicians and our workers and their families, formed a large circle around the AN•Chakana. We sent out Leis of Love all over the world. We thanked Pachamama, Tayta Inti, the Apus and the Family of AN. Then Pa’a – It is done!

It was so, so beautiful…

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