Preparing for the New Year at the Heart of AN!

The past few weeks have been full of activity here. We’ve spent much of our time preparing for our huge World Treasures Sale which was held last Saturday at Viva Peru, a local cafe. And we happily raised enough money to reprint the Cards of AN! Now, we just have to find the right printer.

Our new Octagon is finished, except for the floor which we will seal as soon as possible. It feels so good to sit inside it and be totally aligned with the Tower of AN. It is exquisitely beautiful. Pedro has finished planting grass in the last areas around the Tower of AN. As soon as we can build a shed for the alpacas, we will visit his house way up in a remote Andean community in the mountains and choose our Alpacas of AN! We will probably have to bring them back in our car…. (A first for La Perla!)

We realize that this entire year has been devoted to buying our new AN•Sonqo land and transforming it into a fully functioning Tower of Light of AN. Now this huge, marathon task is nearly complete and a new era of living with the Tower of AN will begin. It was a mammoth undertaking with the constant pressure of trying to raise the money to complete everything, so it feels like a huge sense of liberation is coming soon for us.

• • • • •

We’ve set the dates for our SPECIAL EVENTS in May, but haven’t had time to write the information or put together the prices yet. We will do it as soon as possible, but here are the dates!

• • THE CARDS OF AN ~ A Transformational Master Class ~ MAY 17 – 21 • •


The Cards of AN Master Class is for deep personal transformation on an inner level, while our second event is the application of our Trueness into the physical while making ceremonies merging ourselves with the Timeless True Worlds and the New Reality of AN. It’s always preferable to participate in both Events, if at all possible, since they are so different.

• • • • •

Right now, we strongly feel that we are passing through the sacred corridor between 2017 and 2018. Because of this, Emanaku, Keenuane and I are entering a quiet time of Sacred Pause. We still have lots to do, and I have TWO Surf Reports to write in the next few weeks, but we are very aware of the need to be contemplative so we can find our right Entry Points to 2018.

We embrace all of our beloved Family of AN with True, True Love and thank you for sharing this wild and magnificent journey with us!

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