More Beautiful Every Day at the Heart of AN!

Yes, it’s truly becoming more beautiful here every single day. The energy of the New Reality of AN is becoming increasingly visible and it feels amazing!

Yesterday, Germán and his crew finished their work here, The work originally began on September 11 and was supposed to take a few weeks. This included several weeks off when work came to a halt so Germán could finish other projects and we could raise enough money to continue. Once the Tower of AN was reconfigured, the energy here changed significantly. This brought everything which followed to a totally new level.

This was when the octagon appeared out of the Invisible. We hadn’t previously seen that there was meant to be a covered seating area by the Tower of AN. But once we saw it, we knew that we had to do it. It is finally complete now, although we are still cleaning the tiles and removing the construction debris, but already it is so sweet and beautiful. It feels cozy inside, but can hold twenty or more people, if needed. Tomorrow, the electricity will be connected and the tin starlight from Mexico (Thank you, Ankasha!) will be installed inside the roof peak.

After everything is cleaned up, Pedro will plant the final sections of grass for the upcoming Alpacas of AN. In a week or so, we will build the small alpaca house over by the labyrinth.

Next week, we will upload Emanaku’s video of last May’s Activation of the Tower of Light of AN. Plus, we almost have the dates set for our Special Events here in May 2018 and hope to have all the information available by the end of next week. We are busy beyond belief and are deeply grateful that Keenuane is here to help us.

All the while, we have been receiving so many auspicious signs. Numerous Sunbows and Moonbows as well as rainbows when there is no rain. There are dancing lights and strong beams of light all over the Heart of AN. It is amazing to live here and experience this on a daily basis as our New Normal.

We really hope that some of you will be able to come here next year and experience it for yourself! Until then, you can feel the energy in our photos and feel our LOVE!

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