Visible Progress at the Heart of AN!

This last week had a lot of stop and go energy as the Green Lights turned to Red and then, totally unexpectedly, back to Green. After four days of waiting to put in the floor of the new octagon in which no one showed up to work, early in the morning on Wednesday they arrived!

The floor was a very complicated, intricate design, but Emanaku, Keenuane and I put in the thousand or so tiles in record time. And it was LOTS OF FUN!!! The floor design went through numerous refinements during the time while we were waiting to make it. There was even a major change at the very last minute when the cement was being put in and it turned out to be sooooo beautiful! We really love it.

An hour or so after we finished putting in the floor, our next set of visitors arrived. Burkhard and Ines will be staying in AN•Wasi until Monday. They both had readings with the Cards of AN on Thursday and are at Machu Picchu today. Meanwhile, the river rock paths are going in around the octagon and a ditch is being dug for the electricity to the octagon. Transformation is in the air! It’s so exciting to see and feel more and more of the New Reality of AN become visible on a daily basis.

Next week, we have lots of projects to finish. Not only the octagon and the river rock paths, but we hope to finish our video on last May’s Activation of the Tower of AN, complete the slideshow of the amazing light beams at the Tower of AN, and set the dates for our Special Events in May 2018.

Sending you all HUGE LOVE from the Heart of AN!

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1 thought on “Visible Progress at the Heart of AN!”

  1. Walter Trachsel says:

    Absolutely magnificent, glorious ! Thank you All !
    From the one heart Love in Tucson, AZ.
    Walter and Julie

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