Fresh Energy at the Heart of AN!

This past week has been one of renewal. November began auspiciously with three huge Moonbows on four consecutive nights. Emanaku has been going to the Tower of AN in the early morning and taking incredible photos of the amazing lights that appear. We are including a few in this week’s photos, but he is also putting together a slideshow of them.

During the day, Germán and his crew made much progress on our small octagon near the Tower of AN. It is super fun watching it be born. On Tuesday, our colorful tile designs were placed into the built-in banca seats and everything really came alive with such fresh, new energy!

At the last minute, I had the idea to put small mirrors into the outside walls. They are exquisite and give an added sparkle to the octagon which take the energies to a totally new level. The roof is nearly done and tomorrow we will put our mosaic tile designs into the floor! As soon as the octagon is done, we will add flowing river rock areas around it and a small river rock path to the gate. Then Pedro will be able to finish planting the grass for our upcoming Alpacas of AN!

We really love having Keenuane here with us. It feels so natural that she is here and she is a huge help. For the past week, we have also had three incredible visitors from New Zealand. Paula, Malka and Renee loved staying here in AN•Wasi and we loved spending time with them. They left this morning, but are returning for our Special Events in May. We are also looking forward to the arrival of two new guests at AN•Wasi who arrive on Wednesday.

We haven’t yet had time to set the dates for next May’s Special Events at the Heart of AN, but will do it soon. It feels like they will fill up quickly, which makes us very happy.

As the energies of the New Reality of AN become ever stronger and are sent forth all over this world and beyond, we know that many of you can feel them. The New Reality and the energies of the Timeless True Worlds are so, so beautiful. Just what the world needs right now!

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  1. Walter Trachsel says:

    Magnificent, Thank you all for that beautiful work and the glorious photos, Thank you!
    Within the One-Heart Love from Tucson,AZ.
    Walter and Julie

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