‘A MU’A at the Heart of AN!

Everything is moving forward at the Heart of AN, whether or not, we feel ready. It’s been wonderful having Sebastian and Keenuane here with us. They have been a great help, especially when we were so worn out. Sebastian, Emanaku and Manzana have had periods of transformational sickness, I’ve had times when I’ve been totally flattened and without energy. But although my ankle isn’t fully healed, I’m walking better and can finally wear shoes! All the while, Keenuane has been strongly holding the Beam.

German and his crew returned last week and began building a small octagon on the Tower of AN land. This octagon wasn’t even on our list of projects! It suddenly appeared to us and we leapt into action. Once finished, it will not only be beautiful, but will give us a place to sit which is protected from the sun and rain.

Next week, they will make the river rock paths on the left side of the Tower and we will be done with projects until we begin our vegetable garden. As soon as the river rock paths are complete, Pedro will finish planting the grass for our upcoming Alpacas of AN.

Sebastian departed yesterday and is already in Germany. Fortunately, Keenuane will be here with us until the middle of January. Right now, there is much to do. Emanaku is finishing the video of last May’s Activation and it will be online in a few days. Keenuane and I are working on the floor design for the octagon which has to be ready tomorrow morning. And of course, there’s the November Surf Report to write!

On Friday, two guests from New Zealand arrive, followed by three more guests who will be here until November 20th. A busy month is ahead of us! We are relieved that we are finally recovering from the challenges of the past few months. And next week. we should have the dates of our next Special Events at the Heart of AN in May 2018.

With HUGE LOVE to our Family of AN!

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